Successful seismic acquisition requires planning and modeling, in order to understand the risks and the target. Risk assessment encompasses operational, environmental, and commercial parameters.

ADVENT survey design studies begin with accurate modelling and measurement of the source. This makes it possible to separate the effects of sources and systems from results that can be purely attributed to the propagation of sound through the earth. Our geophysical experts carefully match acquisition technology and solutions, against the geological and imaging challenges at the location.We check basic survey parameters like target depth, dips, area size, required resolution, calculate fold and offset distribution and develop a custom-made Survey Design

Our survey design specialists can operate either from a client’s offices
or from a remote location.

  • Review of geophysical and geological objectives with the client’s exploration team
  • Review of vintage data and previous acquisition parameters
  • Quantitative assessment of previous data quality 
  • Recommendation of optimum acquisition parameters in terms of source and receiver line spacing, template configuration, fold, bin size, etc. 
  • Comparisons between different acquisition templates
  • Detailed survey design report containing fold plots, azimuth/offset displays, spider plots, etc.
  • Survey budget estimate for different acquisition and processing scenarios.