ADVENT provide high quality, cost-effective, 2D, 3D and multicomponent seismic data acquisition services, using most advanced techniques available safely and with minimal impact to the environment.

ADVENT uses the latest Sercel and Inova G3i technology for Seismic data acquisition. The equipment we deploy generally provides optimal productivity, with reduced downtime, low power consumption and reduced equipment weight. This enables us to reduce operating costs while enhancing productivity.

All our Seismic crews are equipped with the latest 3D technology, including:

  • Sercel 508 XT acquisition systems with over 20,000 channels with capability for expansion to 50,000+ channels. This technology balances real-time data acquisition and autonomous modes and can perform in any environment.
  • Innova G3i acquisition systems with over 8,000 channels with capability for expansion to 10,000+ channels. This technology offers lightweight design for ground electronics and real-time data acquisition with features for optimal efficiency.  
  • Sercel SG10 geophones – over 150,000 strings. These sensors have very low distortion levels, as well as the highest tilt tolerance in the industry, in temperatures -40°C to +80°C.
  • Sercel Nomad 65 Neo Vibrators – broadband vibrators capable of delivering stronger low frequency content with full drive achieved at only 5.4Hz, coupled with 15% lower fuel consumption.
  • Vehicle fleets of light and heavy vehicles all equipped with vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, and speed limiting technology.

Our capabilities:

  • Multidisciplinary project team with broad range of skills and expertise with global experience.
  • Land seismic data acquisition using both Explosives and Vibroseis sources.
  • Marine and Transition zone acquisition
  • Wireless and cable data acquisition
  • Data acquisition using Nodal System
  • Real time acquisition data quality control
  • In-field seismic data processing and comprehensive reporting