From acquisition through to final subsurface images, we apply integrated technology and an innovative approach, to achieve geophysical objectives from large-scale exploration to reservoir-focused imaging challenges.

Our experienced processing & imaging team comes from a strong geophysical/geological background, with vast experience of processing and reprocessing high resolution seismic data in all geological environments. We place a strong emphasis on attention to detail, thereby enabling you to derive the maximum potential from your data. Our seismic data processing and imaging solutions manage all types of marine streamer, OBC/OBN, and land seismic data.

ADVENT offers a range of seismic data processing and imaging solutions, which includes:

  • 2D/3D onshore, offshore and transition zone data processing
  • Survey merging & reprocessing
  • Processing with relative amplitude preservation
  • Deghosting and designature
  • Unique algorithms for noise attenuation including adaptive subtraction
  • Advanced technologies of multiple attenuation using the multiple model building approach
  • Data interpolation and regularization
  • Velocity model building using tomography
  • Time and depth migration